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Rob Santos


Rob Santos is a veteran stand up comedian of 15 years. He got his start in New York City back in 2008 before deciding to walk away from NYC in 2012 due to his moral standings with the scene. He started Each One, Teach One back in 2017 after developing the idea while receiving in-patient treatment at a mental facility. Since then he has helped dozens and dozens of performers of all types find honesty with their work. He has also gone into schools on his own merit teaching these techniques along with working with Arts For Learning of CT. Rob is an award winning performer/writer as a stand up and one man performer. However, his most important job is being a father to his beloved daughter Brooklyn.

Each One, Teach One Workshop: Where the journey is more important than the joke 


In this workshop performers will use SEL (social emotional learning) techniques to find humor by being honest with their words. By using this method it will allow performers of all types to understand that humor is a buy product of telling the truth. By telling the truth this workshop will help them to stop letting their mind, mess with their head. 

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